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can't fly

  1. polaryse

    My GCC doesn't fly

    I got my GCC about a month ago, and he rarely flies- only when he's spooked. He won't willingly fly anywhere- I've tried luring him with treats, and I can tell he really wants to fly but he just won't. He isn't clipped and doesn't have any history of injuries. I really want him to be able to fly...
  2. V

    My finch can't fly (sad update #7)

    My male Eurasian Siskin, because of it's small size, was bit on the wing by my budgie 3-4 days ago. He lost some blood but everything was ok. Today I saw him on the floor of the flight cage. I bring out some food for them to eat and there he is, still on the bottom, eating leaves that the other...
  3. AngelCake

    Urgent Budgie's wing feathers don't look good

    Hi I'm new but I have been watching the forums for a while, I didn't think I'd ever need to post something until a few days ago. :( Within the last 3 days Angel's Wings seem to of almost broke? The feathers are extremely misplaced if not missing, she's suddenly unable to fly and I can't get her...
  4. A

    Urgent Injured cockatiel

    I've had a cocktail for almost 6 months now and he came with an injured wing that won't let him fly and hel will never be able to but he tries to ans hurt it more and I don't know what to do to stop him from trying to fly since he will never be able to again. Also he has 3 toes on one foot and 4...
  5. MufasaBirb

    Video Cockatiel can’t fly and I’m not sure why

    I’ve had my female cockatiel, Mufasa, for at least 4-5 years now, but she’s never flown once. When I got her, she’d just come to me from a home where she was kept in a cage with two other mean cockatiels who often attacked her. As a result, the tips of 2 of her toes are missing (she’s able to...