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  1. Sherry S

    Playmate for a less than 1 y/o white bellied caique

    Hi all! I have 8 parrots. Conures, Cockatiels, and a caique. All are less than two years old. The only one that does not have a buddy is my WBC. I think Peanut is a female, but I am not certain. Peanut does talk, though. Peanut keeps trying to groom and play with the other birds, but...
  2. S

    Name ideas pliz?

    Tl;dr version : Name suggestions for either a caique or a parrotlet please <3 Hi guys! I will soon welcome a new member of the family and Im super excited!!! Its gonna be either a caique or a parrotlet. I've read loads about both of them, so Im prepared to welcome them with the best possible...
  3. VeraKay


    Hi everyone! I never really thought I would be a bird lover, but I met a super cute black headed caique this past week and I fell in love!!! I'm in the process of doing more research about everything, but I will be a proud birdie momma sometime soon!! Let me know if there's anything in...