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cage mates

  1. HabibiMom

    Hello from Egypt: Habibi & Nuna (2 Indian Ringnecks)

    Hello from Egypt! I'm Shannon, and these are my two babies: Left - Nuna (female) & Right - Habibi (Male). We got Habibi about 2 months ago, and Nuna was at the petstore in the same cage as him. After we got him, he was so talkative and we felt he needed a friend, so we got him the same female...
  2. H

    Im new an need help

    I was willed a tramitized female parakeet named tweet. She was approx 8 mth when I got her. She witnessed her cage mate brutally murdered by my g-mothers dog :( I took her a little over a year ago after GMA got dementia an passed. She would freak out anytime someone got near her cage...I watched...