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cage bound

  1. S

    Is it possible to gain trust of 20 year old neglected Sun Conure?

    Hello all, thank you in advance for any information you can give me as I have tried to do a lot of research and I can not seem to come to a particularly good information or method in my case for my bird. My case is rather embarrassing and complicated and I am trying to do right by it now. I have...
  2. H

    Never been out of a cage, need advice

    I just got my first bird three days ago from a privately owned pet store. He's a cockatiel that's just over a year old and I named him Winston. He is an absolute sweetheart and took to me immediately. Within the first 10 minutes of me putting him in his flight cage, he was already eating and...
  3. shelby.pax

    Pionus hasn't left cage

    I recently adopted a 7 year old blue-headed pionus. It's been a week and he hasn't left his cage once despite the cage door being open all day. I have put his bowls just outside of his cage so he can reach them from within the cage while encouraging him to leave the cage, I try to see if I can...
  4. B

    Need help witb my rescued budgie

    So, I'm new to this forum and budgie ownership. I had a canary when I was a kid, also a rescue with behavioral issues, and I never intended on taking on a budgie at first but it sort of found me. Backstory: this budgie was found outside during an early snowstorm almost two years ago. She had...
  5. Novagrey8

    New Grey - Afraid of Humans - Help

    Hello, I am new to these forms and am hoping that you all can help me with my recent rescue. I am a African Grey owner and have had a Grey for the past twelve years. Both my current Grey and my previous Grey, who passed away, were purchased as a baby from breeders. Three days ago I rescued a...
  6. VelocirapGirl

    Continue what I'm doing or not?

    So some might know I have a lovebird. Now, he is still scared of hands. Grab a snack since it'll be a long post. So when I first got him I made the mistake of putting my hands in the cage the very first day when I should've left him alone to settle. The next day I got his wings clipped because...
  7. Icarus

    60 years old and cage bound (please help)

    When I was in high school, I visited my best friend's house every single weekend. I was told, every single time, to stay away from the Yellow Crowned Amazon on the back porch, because she WOULD bite me and was vicious. She was never allowed out of her cage, because she nearly bit the owner's...