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  1. Galebird

    Pictures Bird baby looks to ah e a bruise

    Hello, So I noticed three days ago while trimming my boys nails that he has a bruise on his foot. I searched his cage for anything that could possibly be irritating him. I noticed the new wooden bridge I placed in there for added stimulation was pretty tore up so I removed it since the sharp...
  2. hrafn

    Pictures Ouch!! :(

    Is it just me, or does my poor girl have a MASSIVE lump on her head? :( Poor sweet thing. She definitely wasn't lopsided this morning. I did hear her give a squawk sometime around midnight last night, but when I checked on her she seemed ok. Maybe she slipped off of her perch and fell? Would...
  3. AshleyM142

    I need help with an aggressive lovebird

    I have recently become the owner of an adorable peach-faced lovebird. She's my first lovebird. In the past, I have had budgies and all but one were very sweet. She's a slate pied and she is my pride and joy. She's about 5 months old now and I've had her for around 2 months. She hasn't been DNA...