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breeding macaws

  1. maounm

    Confusing behaviour and diet

    Hi i have a pair of greeenwing macaws both are tamed. Male is bonded with me and female is relatively new. I have put them togather in a large aviary and given a nst box as both are adults. Problem is when i come into their sight male starts fighting with the female and chases her. I can see...
  2. maounm

    Breeding aviary suggestions

    Hello everyone i have a 6 years old tamed male GW and i just got a female GW few days ago about the same age. i am slowly introducing them but the male seems bit aggressive he even bit me (for the 1st time since i have had him) after seeing female. I intend to breed them so i need breeding...
  3. maounm

    Greenwing breeding

    Hi i have a 6 years old male GW macaw. I have been keeping birds for 2 years now as pets but now i want to give breeding a try. I have previously hand raised GWs so i am okay with handling everything but i am new to breeding. i am getting a 6 years old female GW she is tamed. How long will it...