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  1. Hollybee

    New Puzzle Toys

    Would definitely recommend dog and cat floor puzzle toys to mix up the feeding routine! My ekkies are very entertained!
  2. Sai_ch92

    My CAG is a plucker

    I adopted my CAG some months ago, he's a plucker. He had plucked his back, neck, and front. He now has fluff coming back out, but the problem is that he will pluck it. We're currently working on trying to fix his sleep schedule and diet (he is a VERY picky eater). Do products like Avian Calm and...
  3. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Overpreening From Boredom

    Hello, everyone. I'm having a problem with my Quaker Parrot and only just now realized that he overpreens his feathers. His belly and back have been reduced to down, he very frequently preens and nibbles his feathers, and I notice him ending up accidentally plucking out feathers and promptly...
  4. JPix

    Bored Birdie Buster!

    Hello, All! If you are fortunate enough to have a Cockatoo in your home, or any other smarty pants parrot for that matter, you probably know it's a challenge to find new ways to keep them busy for more than a few minutes. I think this is key in keeping these brilliant birds happy and well...