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  1. L


    My lovebird fell and has a blood feather thankfully the bleeding has stopped and he didnt lose too much blood. Do i need to disinfect the feather? I dont want to risk pulling it out since the bleeding has already stopped
  2. V

    Broken blood feather on canary

    Hello. Today I saw my canary bleeding, figured out it's a broken blood feather somewhere on his wing section. I looked for the blood feather but I can't find it. I think the canary plucked it by itself. Just to be safe I applied semolina (since I don't have cornstarch) to prevent bleeding. In my...
  3. PrettyBirdy

    Urgent Broken Blood Feather

    Hi, my baby G2 Frankie broke an almost fully grown blood feather on the underside of her wing. The bleeding isn't bad, and actually seems to have stopped, but I decided to pull it, so it doesn't start. I toweled her, and tried, and tried again, but she's too big for me to hold her in a towel...
  4. tacotaco

    Pictures Why does this keep happening?????

    So my bird has just gotten over his first molt. Stressful, hormonal and cranky. But in the end we made it thru ok. He looks great and it gave him a chance ( us a chance ) to experience what flight feathers bring to the table. Since December he has lost three of his new feathers, making him very...
  5. Michela Smith

    Broken or dropped?

    Ok, so my cockatiel, Alfred, dropped a newer wing feather and I saw that it had blood in the base of it. The end looks as if it was dropped not broken and there is blood nowhere on him. So did he just drop a new feather or is was it broken? Should I worry?