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blood feathers

  1. haze

    Urgent Plucker Conure

    Today I unexpectedly rescued a crimson bellied conure who is heavily plucked after his mate passed away. I felt so terrible for him and couldn’t leave him behind. He has plucked out all of his flight feathers and all of his tail feathers. He is not tame. Once I got him home, he was attempting to...
  2. RebeccaZM

    Post Surgery Care tips

    So to make a long and stressful story short, my 7 month old cockatiel Obi-Wan will most likely be having 'surgery' in the coming days to remove his blood feathers (not permanently), all are broken, on both wings. We spent yesterday and last night at a family member's apartment because we had to...
  3. S

    Urgent toe injury

    my kakariki recently lost two of his toes on a door that was slightly closed. there was quite a bit of blood loss and his rubbed it on his body and skin. i think it’s irritating him but i don’t want to give him a bath yet just in case of infection. when should i give him a bath?
  4. cinnamon

    Pictures Blood Feathers on my 5 Month old

    hello! so i’ve had my cockatiel for 3 months now! he is 5 months old and his name is cinnamon. he is molting right now and i was wondering is it okay to pinch off the white end of the pin feather if it’s not done growing? not pinch off the growing part the white part. because his pins are...
  5. Dostc426

    What Is Your Opinion On Blood Feathers?

    Hello everyone! I have endured several years of my sun conure being incredibly clumsy, and as a result, fractured/broken blood feathers amuck! At first we were extremely worried about them and would pull them out immediately more out of fear than for logic's sake. However as the years have gone...