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blind bird

  1. N

    Found an injured pigeon

    Hi....I found a pigeon. Seems to be blind in both eyes. What do you think is the cause for its blindness? Is it a disease or someone injured it? Is it permanently blind? I also have 2 cockatiels (which I am keeping separate), so I hope it's nothing contagious. If it's an injury, any ideas how...
  2. A

    Retinal Detachment/Blindness

    Hello, I wanted to join this forum to give back all the help and information that I have gotten so that if someone were to Google this information it might be helpful to them like it was for me. I have a 10 year old lovebird named Kai who is fully flighted as of right now. On Saturday October...
  3. wavywavy

    Video Potentially Blind Parrotlet?

    I feel like I'm posting an awful lot lately, but I can't get over how excited I am to have other people to talk to about my birds now as well as having them. Anyway, I hope I am on the right thread, and I figured I'd have my best chance of finding others with similar experiences on this one...