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bleach fumes

  1. Lucifer

    Distance from Toxins

    Hi, I live in a very large house in an isolated downstairs room. I am very cautious about any potential dangers and toxins. I was wondering about cleaning products. If someone upstairs uses bleach, I would probably only smell it if it is near the staircase located near my room entrance. Can...
  2. Kackington

    Handyman sprayed Clorox into AC unit… how long until I can bring birds back into that room?

    Hi all! :) So I recently made my move out to LA… I miss central heating and air so much. So the wall AC unit in the living room of my 1 bedroom apartment had been smelling musty and stale, so I avoided using the unit. I finally got a guy to come help me out, and I know the only way to kill...
  3. bethaneh

    Help! Bleach fumes!

    I adopted two budgies 2 days ago, and this morning, I was sitting next to their cage, and smelled some chemicals coming from the kitchen. I asked my mother what that smell was, and she said she was cleaning with bleach! I know bleach is bad for birds, so I quickly moved them outside for 30...
  4. D

    How can I use Rescue Remedy for a Cockatiel exposed to bleach fumes?

    My 7 year old male Cockatiel named Picasso was unintentionally exposed to bleach fumes last evening and has not been himself since ... I got him into fresh air pretty immediately and left him there throughout the night. He is acting a little better today but I have not seen him eat or drink and...