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  1. n0lan_i

    Baby pionus sometimes bites hard. Advice?

    Good afternoon everyone, I am a recent and proud owner of a white capped pionus baby named Jiminy. He is about 7-8 months old and is overall a wonderful companion. We love him deeply! Recently, he has started to get nippier than usual. He bit my partner in the lip unexpectedly about a month...
  2. HannahAlaga

    Green cheeked conure biting

    I, as of December 30, 2018, Got a new pet conure. I haven’t had a bird for a few years, so I would say I’m learning. He does have a good lifestyle though. Anyways the problem is that he bites you when you hold him or touch his cage. He runs up to bite my finger when I am adjusting things in his...
  3. Mccookrem

    Adopted nanday help

    1 to 2 yr old said to be female, was in a body shop bisness on stand wings very clipped, no toys only seeds all day. 2st day home calm she makes no sounds no play just sits all day. 2nd day she starts with biting and won't come out of cage I left door open all day. Plan on letting her fly after...
  4. T

    Green Cheeked Conure Biting?

    I have never kept any kind of bird before and just got a Green Cheeked Conure yesterday. He seemed really nice when we first got him home and the lady who we got him from said he could be bity but that they feel with their mouth and that's normal, but if he bites hard to put him in his cage to...
  5. BirdDad

    Caique Trouble

    Hey there. My sister has a ten month old caique. I told her not to get him because I thought we wouldn't be able to handle him. She got him anyway. I was right. He's loud and screams when attention is not on him. He can be heard from outside of the house. He's aggressive and draws blood when he...