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  1. M

    Buying my first Macaw

    I am buying my first large bird, a Blue and Gold macaw(s) that is supposedly 9 months old. The owner agreed to let me see the female and male macaws in person. Are there any specific ways to tell if it’s healthy and if the age is somewhat close to what the owner claims? Please let me know.
  2. C

    Alexandrine training

    Hi! A few days back I got an alexandrine parrot. He’s 6 month old and he isn’t trained in any kind of way. I feed him treats through the cage and got a glove (he bites a lot!) and I’m trying to feed him with the glove food for him not to be afraid . Eventually I want to teach him how to step...
  3. Tenleigh


    I have a 4 month cockatiel. I’m leaving for vacation on this Saturday, for 2 weeks. I already found someone to watch my bird. (she has experience with birds) Is there anything that I should be worried about, or am I gonna lose the bond with my bird when I’m gone? Should I tell the person who’s...
  4. Rekillkos

    Feather advice (?)

    Hello all. I have a blue Quaker parrot who I’ve and for a few months now. I cal it a she and named her Billie. I keep plenty of other birds too, but I have a few questions for anyone with more Quaker experience than me. Billies’ previous owners clipped her wings, and as a result her tail is...
  5. Gizmo

    Going on vacation!

    Hi everyone!! So I am going on vacation this Monday, and my aunt is babysitting my budgie Tweety bird. I’ve had him for a year and we have bonded a lot.I’ve educated my aunt with all the stuff she needs to know to babysit him. I am bringing him to her tomorrow and He will be staying in his...