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  1. C

    Alexandrine training

    Hi! A few days back I got an alexandrine parrot. He’s 6 month old and he isn’t trained in any kind of way. I feed him treats through the cage and got a glove (he bites a lot!) and I’m trying to feed him with the glove food for him not to be afraid . Eventually I want to teach him how to step...
  2. Tenleigh


    I have a 4 month cockatiel. I’m leaving for vacation on this Saturday, for 2 weeks. I already found someone to watch my bird. (she has experience with birds) Is there anything that I should be worried about, or am I gonna lose the bond with my bird when I’m gone? Should I tell the person who’s...
  3. Rekillkos

    Feather advice (?)

    Hello all. I have a blue Quaker parrot who I’ve and for a few months now. I cal it a she and named her Billie. I keep plenty of other birds too, but I have a few questions for anyone with more Quaker experience than me. Billies’ previous owners clipped her wings, and as a result her tail is...
  4. Gizmo

    Going on vacation!

    Hi everyone!! So I am going on vacation this Monday, and my aunt is babysitting my budgie Tweety bird. I’ve had him for a year and we have bonded a lot.I’ve educated my aunt with all the stuff she needs to know to babysit him. I am bringing him to her tomorrow and He will be staying in his...