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  1. D

    Urgent Need help for my cockateil bird, i think he is having seizures?

    Hi, i have a 3.5 year old cockateil bird, his name is Ame. The thing is, it is sort of a untamed one and is not trained that much but i try my best to take care of it. I normally give him pearl millet mixed with sunflower seeds (minimum quantity), sometimes spinach, or other green leaves. The...
  2. skittles30

    Urgent Pet conure had a seizure!

    (I'm not entirely sure how to use this website since I'm new so far, but I have a concern that really worries me.) I have two pet conures and both of them had grabbed a flaming hot cheeto out of the bag, they had done this before and we're fine so I didn't think much of it when they did it...