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  1. Aikofurr

    Bird biting (help!)

    So we've had our lovie for a couple months now, he/she is 1 year old now. So he/she is never one to bite. Even when picking up or doing very stressful things he/she would never bite or act aggressive. He/she is getting more tame. He/she will happily come onto your finger and allow with...
  2. KiwiPo

    Where Can I Buy Safe Bird Toys For My Conure

    No plastics please or artificial dyes. My bird loves those little balls that are destructible and paper strings. Also does anyone know any safe bells? She loves them but the ones I bought felt sharp and I wasn’t sure if there was any lead or dangerous chemicals. Hanging bells are ok but she...
  3. A

    New bird not doing anything?

    I recently got a grey cockatiel, his name is Rio and this is my first bird ever, he is constantly breathing heavily and has fluffed up feathers. He hasn’t eaten any of the veggies, pellets, or drank any water. I tried giving him treats and he won’t take them, or he’ll move away from my hand. He...
  4. KiwiPo

    Backpack bird Carrier or Bag Carrier?

    Since harness training is going to take a long time and because we just need a bird carrier, what kinda do you prefer? I would love to take my bird on walks so that she can get some vitamin D :D Also any tips with introducing the outside to birds would be great.
  5. KiwiPo

    Is My Baby Bird Going to Remember Me?

    I unfortunately have been struck with an illness that the doctors are still unsure of and am resting at my parent’s house. It’s been a couple weeks since I have not seen my baby Conure and I won’t be able to see her again in a month and possibly more depending on how my health goes. Will my bird...
  6. squeak514

    Jealous Lovebird ??

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a habit of biting whenever I have company over. She loves seeing new people and is quick to fly right to them, but whenever I get close (usually to pick her up myself or remove her if requested), I receive a nice, painful bite. When it's just her and I, she's incredibly...
  7. KiwiPo

    Baby Bird’s Wings are Twitching

    He’s always been kind of like that but we noticed that today he has been extra twitchy and more vocal today. We are setting an appointment with an avian vet but what do you guys think of his behavior? Is he okay? I’ve been told that some birds make noises when they eat but he seems to make these...
  8. KiwiPo

    What are some essential tricks/training for a bird?

    We have been doing target training, step ups, and recall?( not sure if that’s the right word but just flying to our hands)What are some useful or essential things we should teach him?? Also when do you know when a bird has mastered a trick? When he no longer needs to see a treat? Also for...
  9. KiwiPo

    How Much Oranges Can My Baby Conure Have?

    Today is Kiwipo’s fourth day home. We have been introducing to him a variety of foods. So far he only likes oranges in the fruit compartment. Oranges are acidic so how much should I give him? Right now he is eating 1 piece of a cutie orange and totally annihilated it. Is this too much for him...
  10. KiwiPo

    When Should I Start Introducing Pellets to my Baby Conure?

    He is roughly 5-6weeks old and we have had him for 3 days now. He is extremely tamed and is VERY food motivated. He just got done with liquid feedings and was fed seeds and soft grain/veggie mixture. When should I start introducing pellets? I was recommended and have bought a large bag of...
  11. KiwiPo

    My Baby Conure Squints his Eyes. Is he sick or tired??

    I noticed that sometimes when he eats his food he looks like he’s squinting or slowly closing his eyes. I don’t believe he is sick because there are no other signs. His poop looks completely normal. He loves to fly. Is he just tired? Is this a sign of pleasure? He just got weened off liquids and...
  12. KiwiPo

    Needy Bird Please Help

    Today is his second day home. At the store he was hand fed and handled and was not scared of us. Yesterday, he immediately started playing with his toys, ate his seeds( we r planning on feeding him pellets but r going to wait on that) and even tried some eggs, killer Dave bread, and lemon...
  13. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel doesn’t understand toys?

    so my cockatiel, jupiter, is 1 year and 5 months old already and still doesn’t understand the concept of toys. how can i introduce them to her and what type of toys would be good for a bird with no experience?
  14. A

    Aviary compatible ground birds

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but hay ho! I am wondering if there is any ground bird that can live in a 4m by 2m aviary with budgies and finches? I have kept Chinese Painted Quail before but did not find them useful in cleaning the aviary floor. So my...