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bird toy

  1. FeatheredM

    How can I use this (*fun thread)

    ( if this thread already exists, please delete this one and lead me to there) so I had this idea to make a thread for ideas of bird toys! You post a picture of something you have to recycle into a toy! And you wait for people to give you ideas of what you can turn your item into (make sure item...
  2. ZY28

    Where can i buy safe twine

    I wanted to make my own toys so i got jute twine from the dollar store. It had a strange smell to it and probably was not safe for birds. I checked pet stores and they did not have any twine available. Does anyone know where i can find twine that is safe for birds? Thanks!
  3. Nadia Bingo

    Pictures DIY Leather Bird Toys (Before & After Pics)

    My Conure, Baby, loves to chew on leather (I don't think I can stress the 'love' enough). I thought everyone might enjoy seeing the before and after pics for some of the recent toys I made him! They are pretty simple but I have step-by-step instructions for making the toys on my blog, if you...