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bird problems

  1. Saya

    Will my budgie become untamed if i let his wings grow out?

    I clipped his wings while i was taming him and currently I am letting them grow out. He is not fully tamed though, he hand feeds and sits on my hand with millet but he does not know how to step up and i cannot take him out of the cage on my hand or a perch. In the past few days his flying has...
  2. rielle

    (Long read) Ringneck Situation

    hi there! i'm new to the site and to bird handling, but i have a bit of an issue with my first bird. we've (my dad and i) been looking for a bird for a while now, and i saw a cute, supposedly hand reared bird on gumtree. the man said it was three weeks old, but it has all of its feathers...