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bird behavioral problems

  1. Rhi95

    IRNs constant screaming

    Hi all, first time user/poster here, brace yourself for a long post. We have two IRN’s, a female approx. 2+ years old and a male, we’re assuming around the same age (has his full ring). Both were purchased from a store specifically selling only birds from local breeders. Anyway, here’s a bit...
  2. N

    Pacing Bird

    I have a female cockatiel who lives with her mate. They had babies who are now old enough to be on their own so they go between 2 cages. Ever since than she calls all day and paces back and forth on her bars. Regardless if they are the cage with her or separate or even in different areas of...
  3. EarthToEcho

    Vibration Bird

    So I have a Jenday Conure who is normally pretty easy to understand but sometimes he will put his beak between or just be touching my fingers and just vibrates his head. What does this mean?
  4. M

    Pictures Hey.. New here also

    Here's our crazy lady Jackie. She's a 22yrs old Umbrella Cockatoo. She's been very loving and trying to cuddle me (which trying not to or promote any sexual stimualtion) but she's been very mad with my husband the past 3 days. We have no idea why. lol