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bird behavior

  1. BourkesKid

    Would I be able to cohabitate a bourkes parrot and a lovebird?

    Hello. One of my bourkes parrots recently died and I am looking for a new friend for the other one. I do not want it to be a ground forager due reasoning about my other bird’s death that I will not get into. Would I be able to cohabitate a lovebird and a bourkes parrot? What sex would be the...
  2. Rhi95

    IRNs constant screaming

    Hi all, first time user/poster here, brace yourself for a long post. We have two IRN’s, a female approx. 2+ years old and a male, we’re assuming around the same age (has his full ring). Both were purchased from a store specifically selling only birds from local breeders. Anyway, here’s a bit...
  3. Birb Mom

    Is this Normal for a Cockatiel??

    hello , i’m new to this forum and don’t know much about it but oh well. i have two budgies and well as one cockatiel , max. they are all males (at least that’s what we believe). max is 8 months old. and since he started to let me pet him on his head, he has made a screechy kind of purring sound...
  4. BalloonyDino

    Biting budgie

    Right now I have 3 budgies, Sky, Forest, and North. Sky is tame and a sweet boy who knows how to shake hands. Since I have free time, I've been trying to tame Forest and North. I chose North to tame first, and she was very timid on the 1st day. By the 4th day, she (North is a lutino so we don't...
  5. Nestum

    Cockatiel eats everything!

    So I got Plato this Wednesday and everything is going amazingly well. Since Socrates already came sick I never really experienced what was having a real cockatiel. Plato seems very healthy, he's very active and loved the toys I gave him right away. Within two days he was practically fully...
  6. E&MBudge

    Rainbow Lorikeet Strange Behaviour

    Hi folks, bit new here so excuse any mistakes. We've recently adopted a Rainbow Lorikeet (have yet to name him/her so any suggestions there are welcome), she's an absolute sweetheart when we have her out of the cage, will sit with us, knows how to sit on our arm etc. However when trying to take...
  7. EarthToEcho

    Regurgitation Question

    So it finally happened, my bird (a 1 year old Sunday Conure) regurgitated for me. If anyone has advice for how to handle this (if it happens again), I'd be glad to hear it! Since I wasn't sure what to do this time, I just picked him up, put him in his cage, and then refilled his favorite...
  8. birdashes

    So about screaming...

    I'm a bit curious about this, because what I've read some people say has been the complete opposite of what I've done... So discussion time , perhaps? ;) First of all, I guess, what exactly constitutes 'problem' screaming from normal screaming? Where is the line made? Is this dependent on the...
  9. Saya

    Will my budgie become untamed if i let his wings grow out?

    I clipped his wings while i was taming him and currently I am letting them grow out. He is not fully tamed though, he hand feeds and sits on my hand with millet but he does not know how to step up and i cannot take him out of the cage on my hand or a perch. In the past few days his flying has...
  10. EarthToEcho

    Vibration Bird

    So I have a Jenday Conure who is normally pretty easy to understand but sometimes he will put his beak between or just be touching my fingers and just vibrates his head. What does this mean?