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bird anxiety

  1. 123delrey

    stressed out cockatiel :(

    recently, my family got a new cockatiel after our beloved conure passed away. this cockatiel is 10 years old and we adopted him from a shelter. we have had him for about a week and he is very anxious. he will start screaming at the top of his lungs, he bites and attacks everyone, he chews on his...
  2. Q

    My Chicken is Deaf?

    A few months ago I got a flock of nine different chickens, all hand raised and I pay a lot of attention to all of them. One of my birds, a Mille Fleur d'Uccle Bantam Which I've named Also Mine, Amy, or Amelia). I've noticed some strange behaviour around her, and did some tests and I'm fairly...
  3. Coelle

    Anxiety in Birds

    I was curious about anyone’s experience with anxiety issues in their birds. Nibbler has always been a bit jumpy but I feel like it’s really gotten a lot worse since we moved to the UK, which is understandable since it’s such a big change but I was wondering what you guys do to help your birds...
  4. MPCacatúa

    New Budgie Kicking Seeds Out

    Hello, I have a baby male budgie that I brought home just yesterday. He is in his own cage on the far opposite side of the room from my 3 budgies in a large cage. He only stays on the side nearest the other cage. Also, he gets in his bowl and throws/ kicks the seeds out with his feet. I have...
  5. Birdy05

    Bird Hemp (Hempwell) for Plucking

    Hello fellow bird owners! This is my first ever thread, so I'm not too sure how to navigate everything. I just wanted to run a bit of an experiment/review for everyone wondering about the Bird Hemp oil from the brand Hempwell. There were barely any reviews on it anywhere, but it was recommended...
  6. K

    Sick Green Cheek Conure? Anxiety?

    My son has a Green Cheek Conure. He currently does online school so he is home all day. We purchased Blue in February this year. He will be 1yr on Thursday. He came from Petco which is not where I wanted to get a bird but he felt sorry for him as they had had blue in the small cage for...