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behaviour issues

  1. CatherineB

    Parrotlet became un-hand-trained

    Hi everyone! Sorry if this is a common post but I am new and looking for advice about my parrotlet! I thought I'd post it here since you are all used to dealing with these feisty little birds. I hand-trained Walter when he was a baby about ten years ago and it went pretty well, especially for...
  2. G

    Unprovoked Agression to Pre-Teens(GCC)

    I currently own two conures, a black capped conure, and a green cheeked conure. Genders unconfirmed. BCC assumed male, GCC assumed female. Some bird adoption context in the next paragraph, situation context in the following. My partner and I purchased our first conure (BCC), George, in July...
  3. N

    New member!! Behavioural issues in Bonded Pair, Please help me!

    Hello! My name is nori and I joined avian avenue today ^_^ I do have experience with birds, I have a cockatiel who is 3 years old and a pair of IRNS who are approximately 1.5 years old. I got my IRNS (male and female) when they were six months old from someone who bought them but only kept...
  4. B

    My Cockatiel is acting beyond strange

    My Lucy, common gray Cockatiel, is just over 15 years old. Had her since she was a baby. She has been since 9am EST turning her head in all directions swiftly, like looking for something but there's nothing around that would be out of place for her. It's like a fly is buzzing her head and she's...
  5. Chiptuner

    Advice and help for an ex-petshop tiel?

    Hi everyone, I would love to hear your advice on a tiel we've taken in. A local petshop had two tiels that were never for sale - they hung out on top of their cage and one, Cookie, would get scritches from everyone. The petshop is going to change ownership, and they asked if we would be able...
  6. _aryxn_

    Ringneck still scared of my hand!

    Ringneck still scared of my hand! I have an Indian Ringneck that I got when it was around 8 weeks or 2 months old. He is currently 9 months old. He can talk, He can whistle and sometimes sing too! He is generally friendly (other than his really annoying cage aggression), He is not very cuddly...