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before his wings get clipped

  1. Craigfam

    Breeder wing clipping

    Hey guys - newbie here ;) The breeder who has our 5.5 week old sun conure insists on wing clipping all the birds in her care. I explained to her that we haven’t fully made up our mind on clipping but we felt like it shouldn’t be done until he/she has learned to fly. The breeder of course had a...
  2. Hana Baig

    quick, help me out before we clip his wings!

    As the title says, my bird Dante can now full on fly. when we got him at 2 months old, he could only glide but last month he was able to actually fly. Now he's flying around acting a bit aggressive like he owns the place, and chirping like crazy! The aggression was temporary and he's being a...