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bar spacing

  1. S

    Cage Bar Size

    Hi! I'm looking for a big cage for an African Grey. But all the big cages I find have a 1-inch bar spacing (I want a 3/4 bar spacing). I have been looking at several places like A&E and Kings Cages but have yet to find one. Please if you have any recommendations let me know. Thanks!
  2. lippstikk

    Cage Questions

    Everywhere I read it says 1/2” bar spacing for small conures. I have a green cheek and a roseifrons. They are best buds and I’m wanting to move them in together. I have been putting them in one of their cages for short periods and they are so happy together. Normally they just scream to get out...
  3. AddieWattl

    Cage bar spacing

    Hi everyone! I'm looking at getting a new cage for my beautiful cockatiel, but the bar spacing is 18mm or 0.7 inches. Is this to large for a Cockatiel? All comments appreciated :)
  4. Aurentha

    Pictures Cages for Green Cheek Pair?

    I recently got a pair of green cheek conure males and I had a cage set up already that someone purchased for me, I had just assumed the bar spacing would be okay which was my mistake. After getting the birds I've seen them shove their heads through the bars and chirp at me when they want out. I...
  5. Tinabell

    Bar spacing

    Does anyone know the actual bar spacing on an Avian Adventures Grande? It’s supposed to be 1”, but I’m not sure if that truly is between the bars or from the center of each adjacent bar?
  6. hrafn

    Bar spacing for a white capped pionus?

    I'm on the hunt for a larger cage for my beautiful new baby WCP, and found this one on Kijiji. It's 32Wx24D with what looks like 1" bar spacing. Would that be too wide for a white capped? Most of the threads I found regarding bar spacing for pionus were for the larger species like maxis, so I'm...
  7. papaya13

    Jardine's Cages?

    I was wondering about bar spacing for a Jardine's.... Hopefully I'll be bringing one home this spring; I'm very busy during the winter and have decided (not without a little inner moaning and groaning!) to wait it out until April. However, it's never too early to start shopping! (especially, it...