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  1. Luvbirds

    Baby Lovebird getting attacted by mama??!!

    Hey y'all, My babies grew up!! but quick question, babies are now close to 2 months of age and the mama is attacking Rios feet only but NOT Piccolo??? Is there a reason why? I see Rio lonely and the mama doesn't really want him near her. Any advice, explaination or suggestions are very much...
  2. S

    My baby lovebirds have bald spots

    i just woke up and feed my baby bird when i see big bald spots on my bird. my guessing is it got plucked by other baby probably because i neglect and it got dirty. will it grow back or is it permanent?
  3. Mango&Five

    hand reading formula?

    I know i’ve been asking a lot of questions, but i’m trying to be as safe as possible. Is this a safe and good hand rearing formula for a baby lovebird ? I live in Australia so i might not have the same options as people who live in different parts in the world.