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  1. dollfish

    Pictures My indoor aviary progress, safety, ideas and suggestions welcome!

    Hello everyone! I've nearly finished the panels of the aviary / room partition for Astro. This will be Astro's play arra when I'm away or working. No more cage, except for occasional times where I might need her in a cage. YAY! :bounce4: So here is what it looks like. I'm going to keep this...
  2. Ali

    Aviary compatible ground birds

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but hay ho! I am wondering if there is any ground bird that can live in a 4m by 2m aviary with budgies and finches? I have kept Chinese Painted Quail before but did not find them useful in cleaning the aviary floor. So my...
  3. Ali

    Conure and budgies

    Hello all, We will be building a large outdoor aviary soon and have been considering stocking arrangments (as some if you may already know)! I have just come across some conures, but I am not sure on exact species, but I was wondering if I could keep my budgies with them. The aviary will be...