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  1. P

    Aviary plants that work well

    Hello!! Can anyone help me. I have an aviary but would like to add shrubs and trees etc to make it more interesting. I already have a plant wall on the outside of the aviary with vegetables and fruit that I feed them. I was wondering if anyone already has an established aviary with a certain...
  2. A

    Outside aviary ideas

    Hello! I've been wanting to build an outside aviary for my macaw, conure and african grey. I'm stuck on the meshing to use though. Every mesh I find is either galvanized or made of zinc, and I cant for the life of me find stainless steel. Being an outside aviary would it be okay to use one of...
  3. B

    Mini Macaw Enclosure Help

    Hey everyone, So, I've recently decided to purchase an Illiger's Macaw from an aviary in Texas, but I have recently found an issue. I can't find a cage that fits my needs on a reputable website. I don't want to purchase a cage from a sketchy website with prices so high I'm unable to afford...
  4. dollfish

    Pictures My indoor aviary progress, safety, ideas and suggestions welcome!

    Hello everyone! I've nearly finished the panels of the aviary / room partition for Astro. This will be Astro's play arra when I'm away or working. No more cage, except for occasional times where I might need her in a cage. YAY! :bounce4: So here is what it looks like. I'm going to keep this...
  5. A

    Aviary compatible ground birds

    Hello all, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but hay ho! I am wondering if there is any ground bird that can live in a 4m by 2m aviary with budgies and finches? I have kept Chinese Painted Quail before but did not find them useful in cleaning the aviary floor. So my...
  6. A

    Conure and budgies

    Hello all, We will be building a large outdoor aviary soon and have been considering stocking arrangments (as some if you may already know)! I have just come across some conures, but I am not sure on exact species, but I was wondering if I could keep my budgies with them. The aviary will be...