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avian health

  1. Man9oMango

    Can anyone help me with my bird dropping?

    So yesterday i changed my birds diet to mazuri hand feeding formula (i use syringe to give him his vitamins nekton s and nekton N, about 8ml) So yesterday i found her droppings were brown (the color of the formula) after consuming.. and this morning was even more concerning.. he’s on his seeds...
  2. M

    Can Everybody Get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease?

    Hi, I bought 4 pair Budgies and 1 pair Cockatiels since 4 month. I keep them separate room in my house. Today I notice, The Bird owner get Bird Fancier's Lung Disease from these birds. After that now I am very afraid. But I also love birds. But I heard and I read that The Bird Fancier's Lung...
  3. McBird

    Leaf's vet report

    this Monday or Tuesday I got a call from the vet about Leaf and he is a boy!!! also, he is completely healthy and there are no issues so he can get his shots!!! I'm so glad that he came back with a clean bill of health considering he had never been vetted (to my knowledge) and I'm so glad he's...
  4. McBird

    foot issues?

    Leaf had this visible on his foot before we went to the vet. it wasn't there when we were there but I finally captured it on camera. he has: - a rope perch - two pedi-perches - an edible perch - four wood perches he also has various toys to sit on and two swings. no dowels, nothing that's too...
  5. McBird

    first vet visit!!

    this little man has no idea what's in store for him lol he's about to get his first vet visit in his whole 8 years of life