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  1. OrangIsld

    Get us inspired!

    Hello! On the 11th i go back to my part time education (on my birthday too, what terrible luck) but that does mean I'll have access to the art studio again! Now that I've finished a level art (i got a b in case you were curious) the teacher is letting me have free use of the studio as long as I...
  2. AGS

    NEW PRODUCT Bird portraits!

    Realistic, semi-realistic, and watercolor portraits. All portraits are digital and drawn the same as paint on canvas just with a digital paintbrush for anyone who isn’t familiar with digital art. They can be printed and sent to you for an extra fee or you can have them printed locally. I can...
  3. BelleBelle

    Cockatiel Comic

  4. AkasyaEllric

    I commissioned art of the boys!

    I just got it yesterday but didn't have a chance to post it because it was my daughter's birthday and we were running around doing stuff. The artist is on IG, -,’ mari ,’- (@birdsniffersclub) • Instagram photos and videos. I loved her style and honestly she should be charging more. But, here it...
  5. Ashtyn Mccoy

    cockatiel fun

    if you've seen my recent thread my cockatiel is coming around thanks to all yalls help! today my boyfriend and i were painting and he flew in front of us to see what we were doing and even got on our shoulders :)
  6. T. gillii

    want your bird drawn?

    comment if you want your bird drawn by me! im not very good, but heres some of my drawings
  7. Atomiklan

    Video Dabchick - MUST WATCH!

    Not specifically bird related, but discovered this gentlemen on Tested tonight and just had to check out his channel as his puppets, especially his bird, are so incredibly beautiful. So much expression and life. Everything about this is charming and wonderful. I just had to share it here with...
  8. AkasyaEllric

    Kids are cute

    My daughter excitedly told me to come out to the kitchen and see what she made, and she presented me with this. The cat is me, purple because that's my favorite color, and the birdie is Slade. I thought it was adorable and just had to show it off! :D Sorry if it's in the wrong section!
  9. McBird

    AA artists?

    I'm looking (for myself and my mom) for feather art. we have: a Cockatiel, Senegal, and Sun Conure. we're interested to see what's out there and what's going on with feather art. whether it's painting on feathers or using feathers to sculpt a bird (in a way). thanks a bunch, guys!
  10. Spnfox

    Birdy Art?

    Hello everyone , I am fairly new here to AA , and am in love with all of your gorgeous babies. If anyone would mind, i would like to try my hand at drawing some of your babies. I'm trying to practice more animals and this would be good practice for me. eventually id like to sell stickers...