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  1. A

    I don't know what to do

    I have these two bonded blue fronted amazons and they're both overprotective of each other. I can't change their food or water without them lunging at me. They both currently live in the same giant cage and I was thinking about separating them. I can't work with both of them at the same time...
  2. Doctress

    Great News!

    Took Taco the 27 yr old Amazon to the avian vet for a checkup. Drew blood to make sure he was healthy, as he does snack on people food from time to time. His diet is mainly ZuPreem pellets, with fresh fruit, and about 20% seeds and nuts. I was worried that he may have high cholesterol. His...
  3. P

    New and birdless

    Hello, Ive been researching, reading, and dreaming about birds. Me and my husband are seriously thinking about getting our first bird. I have 2 cats,(yes I know this will take ALOT of supervision and training) a 7 year old and a 12 year old (both humans lol!!!) We both work full time. From what...
  4. C


    IM looking to get a amazon but every time I do more research I cannot decide on a species. I'm being so careful not to jump into anything because I want to make sure I have the time to give the bird I get and I want to make sure I have all the knowledge! I always come back to the DYH amazon but...
  5. Z

    Rescued Blue Fronted Amazon.... I think she’s sick?

    Hi everyone! I am very new to Amazon’s let alone larger birds. I grew up with parakeets and cocktails though and well I went to a reputable rescue hoping to eventually adopt a cocktail, lo and behold I bonded with a 30+ year old blue fronted amazon named Zues who’s owner passed away and the...
  6. Roo4422

    Help! New amazon

    Hello all, i wouls like to start off by stating that i am very new to parrot ownership and that I am thankful for any input! Lolo is a 13-20 y/o Amazon, I got her given to me 3 days ago from a woman who owns the barn I board my horse at. She was wanting to rehome her due to her not having...
  7. anuska

    advice on migrating

    Hi all, I am dental hygiene student currently completing my degree here in Trinidad and I am considering moving abroad to practice afterwards and continue my education.My question is does anyone have any advice with regards to immigrating to Canada or any country in general ? I have been...