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  1. C

    Alexandrine Parrot scratching

    Hi! I have a 6-month old alexandrine Usually he grooms himself and I’ve seen him calm but today he was scratching some parts of his feathers really fast and intensely that it made me think he might have lice or something? ( he hasn’t had a bath it’s really cold in my country now ) And I can’t...
  2. C

    Alexandrine training

    Hi! A few days back I got an alexandrine parrot. He’s 6 month old and he isn’t trained in any kind of way. I feed him treats through the cage and got a glove (he bites a lot!) and I’m trying to feed him with the glove food for him not to be afraid . Eventually I want to teach him how to step...
  3. AzKhaleesi

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone, New to Avian Ave. I am an avid bird lover, I have 4 feather babies I love so much and about to get a fifth. I just started my feathered family a year ago, and the addiction took off. (pun intended) I have had numerous other "pets" but birds are by far my favorite. Every day I'm...
  4. E

    Urgent Red and swollen eye

    I NEED HELP ASAP I took my 5 year old Alex to get his nails and wings clip. When I got home.i put him and his cage and left . I got back and noticed he wouldent open one of his eyes . It looks red and swollen . It's nearly 1 am here so all the vets are closed and I'm close to having a panic...