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air quality

  1. Kackington

    Handyman sprayed Clorox into AC unit… how long until I can bring birds back into that room?

    Hi all! :) So I recently made my move out to LA… I miss central heating and air so much. So the wall AC unit in the living room of my 1 bedroom apartment had been smelling musty and stale, so I avoided using the unit. I finally got a guy to come help me out, and I know the only way to kill...
  2. P

    Is there a way to use a wood fireplace safely with birds?

    My 5 cockatiels are not at my new place yet, but home doesn’t feel like home without them with me. They’ve stayed at my parents for 3 years without me really able to see them, and they don’t get much loving attention there our new home has a wood burning fireplace from ‘94 that has a single...
  3. P

    Safe VOC level in air?

    Hi there! I’ve been trying to dig up info on this to no avail. I am moving my 5 cockatiels from my parents house to my new home soon, and got an Airthings Wave Plus to scan for VOC levels in the air as a little alert system to know when to ventilate etc. What is the safe range for birds? So...
  4. S

    Air Quality Index (AQI) for birds outside

    We keep 5 budgies in a large cage outside. The weather is fine for them because we are located in the tropics. However we do have a couple months of bad air quality. We use air quality index (AQI) to plan for our own human health. But does anyone have guidelines based on AQI for bird care...
  5. elitys

    NW Oregon Air Quality

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, feel free to move it admins. But due to a rare wind event, smoke from fires in eastern Oregon is being blown to our area and the surrounding ones. The air quality has been steadily worsening, and this morning, it passed 500 :confused: . The sky...