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air bubble crop

  1. Z

    Urgent Crop filled with liquid and the chick is regurgitateing most of the time

    my 20 day old baby finch is making clicking sound and breathing with its mouth. And today in the morning its sack was also full of air, i gently massaged the air out. it was also trying to regurgitated. Please help me out, there are no vet clinic in my area.
  2. K

    Urgent Air Bubble In Crop

    My budgie was born 3 days ago. I use a syringe to feed it. I feed it 0.2-0.4ml each feed every 2-3 hours. There is an air bubble in its crop since 2 days ago. It seems getting bigger since last night. I fed it every 2-3 hours for about 0.2-0.4ml each feeding. Would you please let me know how to...