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aggressive cockatiel

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    Male Cockatiel getting really aggressive

    I have two cockatiels. My male cockatiel, 11 years old, has suddenly gotten really aggressive. Whenever try to change water or food in the cage, he comes to bite my hand. He also comes aggressively to the edge of the cage even when I pass by it. This behavior is completely new and never happened...
  2. A

    Cocatiel hen attacking her babies

    Hi why would the mother attack her babies and will she do this again in the future. She was a first time parent her partner was outside the nest box when she attacked them. I'm just very sacred she does this again the babies was 3 days and Older. I tried to safe all 4 of them. But after a few...
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    Female tiel aggressive towards other tiel

    Hello. My 3 year old female cockatiel Pebble just attacked my (presumably) elder female cockatiel Rebel. They've never really gotten along but neither have ever attacked each other. Pebble did an almost raptor-like glide pounce towards Rebel, scaring her and sending her flying away. The...