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african ringneck

  1. P

    IRN territory training (sad update #4)

    Hi! I have a 10mo old F Indian/African Ringneck hybrid and a couple of months ago we added a green cheek (M 3mo old) to keep her company while my partner and I are at work. After quarantining them, we brought their cages into the same room. They are practically the same model cage, so look quite...
  2. bonefarm

    Hello from the prairie

    Hi all, I have recently come into owning parrots which wasn't really in my plans but hey! I am enjoying it so far. Ive been lurking on here for about two months and thanks to the Ringneck subforum for making me feel much less insane. Those youtube videos are liars about how velcro new...
  3. AussieBird

    Asiatic Owners, Come Talk with Me!

    So, not knowing of anyone else with a Slaty Head (in a non breeding situation) I am gathering most of my care information from similar species. So if you own any Asiatic parakeet, from an Alexandrine to a Plumhead, I'd love to hear about them and how you care for them! Anything and everything...
  4. H

    African or Indian Ringneck

    Hello! We just got our little Banzai three days ago! When I bought Banzai I was told it was an African. That is what the pet store had it under. (I say it because we are waiting for the DNA test to come back on Banzai’s gender) I posted a picture of Banzai on Facebook and people kept saying it...
  5. B

    My parrot is missing another parrot that was with him while he was handfed

    I think my parrot is sad because he is missing another parrot that was with him while he was hand fed. I hope that some of you can help me with my situation
  6. A

    Greetings from California!

    Good evening! My name is Sydney and I've just signed up, checking in from the Golden State! The pictures are my African Ringneck Parakeet, Gogol, and two of my hens, Honeybird (with her adopted babies) and Penny. I am the proud animommy of 2 dogs, a cat, my Ringneck, and 6 beautiful hens...