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Welcome to The Cat Tree

Discussion in 'The Cat Tree' started by Birdiemarie, 4/11/11.

  1. Birdiemarie

    Birdiemarie Feather Snuggler Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Spotlight Award

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    A place to sniff the catnip and share stories, post pics and ask questions about your cats.

    Have fun and expect to start purring!
  2. mrstweet

    mrstweet Rollerblading along the road Avenue Spotlight Award

    St. Louis
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    Yay! I'm glad we have our own little branch...but tree, really? Trees are for parrots! ;)
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  3. Catlady

    Catlady Moving in

    San Francisco Bay area
    I have a picture of one of my ex cats in my pear tree... My new (to me) Amazon has never met my cats and ideally never will. His cage is in one large room and their area is limited to other rooms. After a kitchen expansion for an unrelated reason, I will be building a walk-in aviary according to plans I found on the internet, which costs only $200 in materials. Patrick's cage and table with playground will go in there, along with a chair for me to sit by him. This way he will be socially in the center of action while protected from cats and kitchen dangers like stove burners and ceiling fans, (though his wings are clipped right now.) I may try to train him to a sleeping cage to make sure he gets a peaceful 10-12 hours sleep later.
    I have been a cat rescuer for years, have fed up to 22 cats a day on my property (counting outside ferals and abandoned pets) though presently only 12. Patrick parrot is an unexpected rescue also, but not less loved. He is a sweet double yellow-headed Amazon, full of personality but he lived his life as a decoration until I adopted him, so we both have a lot to learn.
    But if anyone has cat questions, I am happy to help, not only from my own years of experience but one of my friends is an award-winning author and expert on cat behavior. And, totally off topic, I also co-rescued a thoroughbred mare some years ago and have an equestrian vet buddy, (who has a pair of Bengals.)

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