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Travel by Plane: Tips?

Discussion in 'The Airport' started by SamanthaAV, 4/11/17.

  1. SamanthaAV

    SamanthaAV Meeting neighbors

    In less than 2 weeks my husband and I will be traveling with our parrotlet Xyla. We looked into airlines and made sure to find one that allows her to travel in the cabin with us but it's still 10 hours and 4 planes to our destination. I was wondering if any of you have flown with your birds. What can I expect going through TSA security? I heard they'll need to inspect her out of her travel cage but they will provide a room, which is good because she's fully flighted. Also what can I do to make the flight itself more comfortable for her? Should I put a blanket over her cage like for bed time or not? Will TSA have a problem with her water dish? What can you tell me from your own experience? Thanks in advance.
  2. EkkieLuv

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    I've flown a couple times with birds. Be absolutely sure your carrier is the right size for starters - and will fit under the seat. You are correct that they will want to inspect the carrier and will be able to take you to a closed room. They'll most likely want you to take her out. Once I did not have to because I warned that the bird was a biter so they let her stay in there - depends on who you get and how lenient they are being. It's pretty quick and easy so don't stress that part. I would definitely take a small blanket to cover her. The floor of planes can get really cold and drafty depending on where you sit. The water should not be an issue but in a pinch, pack along juicy fruit she likes just in case they ask you to dump it. You could also get water inside the terminal at a fountain or buy a bottle. Do you know if she gets motion sick? If so, maybe refrain from feeding a lot prior to the flight or try offering fresh ginger - that is supposed to help. Put her dishes on the carrier door if you can so you can drop in little treats if she decides to get really loud. The little one I transported happily entertained all the nearby passengers and most people were more intrigued than annoyed. :) Hope that helps. Have a great trip!

    Oh and plan extra time to get through security in case they are busy!
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