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Training treats for GCC?

Discussion in 'The Training Court' started by d_hoover18, 7/10/19 at 10:53 AM.

  1. d_hoover18

    d_hoover18 Meeting neighbors

    I'm currently clicker training Maverick and I'd like to give him some variety but I feel he is a bit of a strange eater. For example, I got a bag of nutriberries… He loves them. However, he needs help holding them because he doesn't quite grasp the concept of using his feet. He seems to be a picky eater too. I try to feed him different fruits and veggies but the only thing he goes for is banana, and he is weird with that too. Don't get me wrong, I think its adorable that he wants me to hold his food but I feel he just doesn't know how to hold it with his feet. With bananas if have to hold it in my hand or put it on my should and he just licks it...

    Sorry I got a bit off topic there.

    Right now his training rewards are Kaytee oat groates. He absolutely loves them. Does anyone else have a GCC that loves these things? And have you had luck with any other type of training treat?
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    A little off-topic but relevant. I placed Tau's toys just within reach of his beak in the cage. He's learned to pull a toy close and grab it with a foot. I now have a tiel that uses his feet to hold his toys closer to play with them, and also to eat.

    Training treats? Buddy loves soaked raisins, pumpkin seeds or birdie bread with a little red palm oil on it (final treat).
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