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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly about Quaker Parrots

Discussion in 'Quaker Causeway' started by Mizzely, 3/17/13.

  1. NoahsMom

    NoahsMom Meeting neighbors

    McMinnville Oregon
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    We have been really lucky with our Quaker Mary Frances....she isn't much of a screecher, preferring to make repetitive sounds such as coughing, giggling, and something that sounds like a squeaky shopping cart. LOL....When she makes that sound I tell her that she is a squeaky meds cart and I want my Valium! :lol:

    She has pretty much chosen my wife as her main person...as long as Maddie is in the room I can't even get a glance! But if I am the only person in the room with her, she will grace me with her presence, and if I just let her sit on me without messing with her much, she snuggles and loves on me, just to get my attention! She will sit on my shoulder with my two chihuahuas in my lap, but heaven forbid the other birds try to get near her! :cautious:

    She is a rescue, and from what we have learned, someone used to beat her cage with a broom or vacuum, resulting in a badly broken beak. It is finally almost grown out, and we have gotten her to the point where she doesn't freak out when we vacuum anymore. :dance4:

    We are very lucky to have our little Quaker, she is our little ray of sunshine!!! :dancing:
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  2. ZoeyFredrik

    ZoeyFredrik Rollerblading along the road Celebirdy of the Month

    N. Central Florida
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    Oh my goodness! That is horrible, beating her cage with a vacuum! I am so glad she has a nice home with you! Quakers are wonderful! :heart:
  3. Mizzely

    Mizzely Cruising the avenue Celebirdy of the Month Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran Vendor

    Northern Michigan
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    Here is more delightful Quaker natural calling goodness, this time an Alarm Call:

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  4. wonderb

    wonderb Biking along the boulevard Avenue Spotlight Award

    Sounds like Florida. :coffeescreen:
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  5. Jennifer Kiser

    Jennifer Kiser Meeting neighbors

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    Jennifer Kiser
    I just joined today and I am owned by Molly Q Pickle Pants a little green quaker who is funny, feisty, very vocal, has an amazing vocabulary and is always making me laugh. Molly has been with me almost 3 years. Molly came to me at the age of 4 and I am Molly's 3rd home. Molly has come so far in the time I have had him/her. I have watched my baby go from a scared, angry and confused little parrot to a loving, scritch demanding little sweetie. Molly is not cage aggressive with me I can put my hands in the cage, change out food dishes, move toys and give scritches. Now if my hubby or son tries that watch out! here it comes CHOMP! :wideyed: I adore Molly and spent a good 35 minutes today cuddling and giving kisses on top of Molly's fluffy little head and on Molly's beak while Molly said kiss kiss and made the kiss sound :xflove: . The only bad thing with Molly is I am Molly's chosen mate. I have to be very careful when giving Molly attention my hands and side of my neck have received Molly's um special attention :( trying to handle a hormonal quaker who is in love with you can be quite a job LOL. I have to say I would never trade my Molly for anything I am totally in love with my little green darling.
  6. zuzanqa

    zuzanqa Rollerblading along the road

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    Oh yay the alarm call. My favorite :shifty:

    Wow Jingo can go on forever haha! Penguin will make one or two alarm calls and he usually calms down right away.
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  7. ChirplockHolmes

    ChirplockHolmes Strolling the yard

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    Thought of gettinga a Quaker, then I read this. I think I'll stick to budgies for now lol. XD
    Thanks for the great info!
  8. wasabismom

    wasabismom Walking the driveway

    Real Name:
    I thought I should write a post about my quaker wasabi.
    Wasabi is a female quaker about 3 years old. I dont find her to be very loud, she does make lots of noise but she doesnt get as high volume as other quakers I have heard. She talks and makes clucking noises the most and it's usually morning time and dinner time. She loves her routine and gets annoyed if it changes... Sometimes the weekends stress her out because our routine is slightly off. She is not a cuddly bird. She will let me scritch her head every now and then when she wants but if I try by myself she will pinch me and laugh. She is nippy. She doesnt bite anymore but she squeezes/pinches to tell me no. She actually will laugh or say "dont dont" (which is what I would tell her when she used to bite hard during puberty)
    She can be sweet she will whisper in my ear (you cant tell whats shes saying) and then do a kitty purr and get really close to your face and just sit there. You cant rub her head unless she wants you to... even if shes being cute the answer is no.
    She does however like her feet rubbed! If I ask her to tickle her feet she will hold it out to me to rub gently and she will make the kitty purr sound :) if she has had enough she will tell u will a good pinch and a laugh and she will move away.
    She is independent and plays will her toys. She hates my cell phone and will attack it any chance she gets.
    She is a great bird... The only bad would be not being snuggly... Not being flexible with her schedule... Being so independent... But the biggest is not liking anyone else... She does not like my kids or my friends she is a one person bird that doesnt like change :)
    Quakers are very smart! They will teach you tricks like rubbing of the feet :)
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  9. wasabismom

    wasabismom Walking the driveway

    Real Name:
    I thought I would add... When she wants out of her cage she will make kissing noises and say "give me kiss" untill I open the door to give her a kiss (this is a trick she just wants to fly around and eat that sandwich you just made) (total female) (it works everytime)
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  10. Jaguar

    Jaguar Rollerblading along the road Avenue Spotlight Award Shutterbugs' Best

    British Columbia, Canada
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    I've had Puffy for almost a year now, so I'll drop my 0.02 here.

    Preface: Puffy is supposedly a 2-3 year old unsexed unbanded green quaker. I bought him second hand from a family that was so scared of him that they never let him out of his budgie sized cage or really did much with him.

    The good:

    Puffy is pretty quiet. He has the capacity to be loud... very loud. See Mizzely's video above. But he's only really loud for a few minutes a day, usually in the morning.
    He's quite chatty. He barks, whistles, and blabbers a bunch of nonsense I don't understand. I just roll with it. He has that typical cute squeaky quaker voice, which I love. He has a chicken cluck that is spot on, it makes everyone laugh.
    He's very low maintenance. He's happy to just chill and have snacks together. Doesn't want to play or explore much. The kind of bird you can plop on a T perch and not have to worry about destroying your house or getting into trouble.
    He loves food and eats just about anything. He's very much a social eater and will squeak impatiently every few seconds to remind you he's waiting for his piece of what you've got.
    He is a good sleeper. I wake him up between 11 and 12 and he doesn't complain if I'm late. He WILL let you know if you're late for bedtime, though!

    The bad:

    He's a perch potato. It's hard to get him to move around or exercise. He has no interest in playing with toys or otherwise. I have to be very careful with his diet so he doesn't end up overweight.
    This is less of a bad and more of a ???. He doesn't live for human interaction. Lots of people would consider him boring or otherwise uninteresting. He would disappoint someone looking for an interactive, fun loving companion.

    The ugly:

    When he wants to scream, he can really belt it out. Sometimes he'll be screechy for a few days, which is really annoying. Fortunately, it never lasts longer than that.
    He bites down HARD and hangs on for dear life. He would do some serious damage if he got his beak on someone. Fortunately, I haven't gotten bit, not even once.
    He is very cage territorial. He will huff and lunge at you if you're in his space. Pretty typical for quakers, but can be disheartening for someone who isn't expecting it. If you take out his food dish, he'll angrily slam the feeder door until you put it back (which makes me laugh).

    All in all, Puffy is a very low maintenance and easy to live with parrot. I love that he's independent and easy to please. I don't handle stress very well, so Puffy's a very good match for me.

    Last edited: 8/14/16
  11. Lodah

    Lodah Rollerblading along the road

    Sydney NSW Australia
    I am sure that the same can be said about yourselves! She is also very lucky! :rolleyes:
  12. CBrown

    CBrown Moving in

    I'll tell of my experience with my Quaker. She's the first parrot I've ever owned, but I work with native wild birds at a wildlife rescue center so not new to birds in general. She's a DNA tested female but unknown age.

    Ollie came to the wildlife hospital from an area where we have a feral flocks of Quakers here in Florida. We figured she was a feral. She had a fresh shoulder dislocation, probably from sideswiping a vehicle. The day after she came to us, I reached in and asked her to step up...and she did! She enjoyed attention from the start (with moments of crankiness) so we knew she wasn't a feral. Either an escaped or released pet. She now flies pretty well, although she has a lingering wing issue and wears out after a couple laps around the living room.

    She's very sweet and cuddly, and wants to be with you at all times, or have you sit with her at all times! When I moved recently, she squawked constantly whenever I left the room. She's adjusted now and only does that every now and then, thankfully.

    She rarely tries to bite me, but gives cranky nibbles when she's annoyed about something. But if she decides she doesn't like you (like with a few of my coworkers) she won't hesitate to nip. For one of my friends whenever she'd approach Ollie's cage, Ollie would lean out mouth open. So bad, but so funny too.

    She IS noisy, and voices her displeasure when she wants. I'm in a triplex now so that's a little worrisome but so far no major complaints. I try to keep her as quiet and entertained as much as possible. She has an odd phobia of trash bags and screams whenever i open a trash bag or take out the trash. That does get old lol. She's learned to say things and mimic sounds and has learned a few tricks. It was fun to see the lightbulb turn on for her when teaching a few things! She loves to say and play peek a boo, and has learned to say I'm an Eagle, and other things and can mimic a lot of wild bird sounds since she goes to the wildlife center with me a couple times a week, since she's the only bird and would be lonely all the time by herself at home. She may need a friend at some point. She's been a fun, sweet little bird!

    In summary, they can be sweet, chatty, smart and cuddly. But we prepared for noise.

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