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My Neighbor's Parrot Has Escaped & Is Living on My Fire Escape

Discussion in 'The Highway Home' started by WorriedBird, 7/5/19.

  1. WorriedBird

    WorriedBird Checking out the neighborhood

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    Worried Bird
    Hello! I do not have a bird but I am an animal lover and I'm extremely worried about a parrot that seems to have installed himself on my fire escape. (I live in Brooklyn.) Plus, its screeching is driving me out of my mind. It's literally right outside my bedroom window.

    I didn't really think too much about the incessant squawking outside my window because I thought it might just be a crow. (I clearly don't know much about birds!) And I have blackout curtains so don't look outside my bedroom window much.

    I was shocked to discover it was a parrot today when I finally looked today.

    I was leaving my apartment to post flyers for a lost bird, and I saw a bird cage with seed outside my neighbors. Apparently, they've been trying to trap this bird and give it to a rescuer! But they've had no luck. It never gets in the box, and it's been 5 days already.

    They told me people know who the owners are, and they're basically negligent and don't care and just shrugged when told. They let their birds roam free, uncaged, on their porch. It's New York freaking City!

    The neighbor is continuing to try to trap it, but I guess she saw it was drinking water from under my AC so everyone's been leaving out food and water for it. We need to make sure it leaves though, and goes back home, because its screeching is ungodly. It sounded like a terydactyl this afternoon, which is why I looked out the window finally.

    My next door neighbor said she heard an old lady across the way say someone needed to poison or shoot it, and apparently Anne said back, "Someone needs to poison you!" It's a bad situation.

    So anyway, I guess the whole neighborhood is trying to get this bird in a box and take it to rescue. They've given up trying to talk to the owner and worry about giving the bird back to them anyway.

    What do I do? My AC is in the wall so I have no access to this bird. And it sounds like those who do are having zero luck coaxing it into a box.

    SHOULD THEY STOP GIVING IT FOOD AND WATER? Will it go back to its owners? WHAT SHOULD WE DO? I'm kind of at the end of my rope, and I'm worried about this parrot...

    Thanks, WorriedBird
  2. BeanieofJustice

    BeanieofJustice Rollerblading along the road Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Veteran

    Alachua, Florida
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    Can you put food and water in the box? See if he'll go into a cage from there? Poor bird, I hope you're able to catch him and give him to a rescue.
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  3. Lady Jane

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    Call NY' finest and see if they will rescue or a bird rescue person. @Hawk12237

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