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My baby mousebird needs help ***

Discussion in 'Softbill Circle' started by Ilandi Theron, 10/2/19.

  1. Ilandi Theron

    Ilandi Theron Checking out the neighborhood

    Hi everyone!! I rescued a baby mousebird and I need help. We found it 5 days ago. I'm currently feeding it with formula, making sure it poops and placing the shoebox on a heating pad. Its wings seem to twitch or flutter except when its sleeping or relaxing. Is this something to be concerned of?

    I want to know how much weight it needs to gain daily? I don't want to over feed it, but after feedings Lily still wants more. She looks better and more energetic. She tries to flap her wings. We already formed a great bond and Lily is always excited to see us.

    Would anyone be so kind by replying to this. I really want my baby birds to survive and grow up to be my pet.

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  2. sunnysmom

    sunnysmom Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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