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having more then two parrotlets...

Discussion in 'Parrotlets Place' started by Vera, 3/12/17.

  1. Vera

    Vera Walking the driveway

    The Netherlands
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    does it work?

    i have a pair (they live in a double cage, but are breeding atm and are now living together) and if they have babies (this is their first nest) i would love to keep one chick. i'm scared that this can cause problems. i have heard that parrotlets can be very jealous towards other birds and their mate. would it be possible to keep a third bird? or would this only cause problems?
    I don't have the possibility to place a cage in another room. They all have to live in the livingroom together.
    i was thinking about 2 double cages on top of each other, so that only two birds can see each other.
    the other bird (or 2 birds ) will be in the double cage on top of the others.

    can multiple parrotlets have out of cage time together? or would it be a problem having multiple parrotlets living in the same room? even if they can't see but can only hear each other.

    i won't like to live in a house with agressive screaming parrotlets around all day. I want what is best for my current birds, and the chick. maybe the chick would also need a mate, so that he won't be an outsider.
    please help and give some advice!
  2. expressmailtome

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