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harness training help please

Discussion in 'The Training Court' started by junglechicken, 12/6/18.

  1. junglechicken

    junglechicken Walking the driveway

    i used to have a harness for the junglechicken but i could never get it on him. couldn't even get him to put his head through the neck hole and he doesn't like his wings messed with so i'm sure he wouldn't have let me pull them through the wing holes. it got lost in the shuffle since i kind of gave up on it.

    i bought a different kind of harness for him. he still has to stick his head through a hole, but much less messing with wings. i think if i can just get this stubborn bird to put his head in it will work.

    anyone have any tips?

    i'd love to be able to take him places without having to drag around his travel cage.
  2. JLcribber

    JLcribber Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran Shutterbugs' Best

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    Time. Patience and slow conditioning. There is no shortcut.

    Some birds will just not accept a harness. Forcing the issue will backfire.

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