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Discussion in 'Cockatiel Corner' started by Lillemor, 9/9/18.

  1. Lillemor

    Lillemor Strolling the yard

    Thank you! That was very nice of you to say. :)
    We try our best.

    This has become a form of diary, so I can tell a little of our learning experience during this time.
    It has been some exhausting weeks. The insecurity has been the worst. Are we doing it right? Will he survive? Is he fed enough? Is he fed too much? Is he too cold? Is he too warm?

    When BB2 (the middle chick) was abandoned and left to die by his mother we tried so hard to save him, but it was to late, de died the same evening. But he died with a full crop, warm, and in my husbands hands, and that was comforting in a way.
    The very next day we saw the same signs of abandonment with Mini, and took action.
    We started warming him up, and handfeeding him right away. And just in time.

    My daugther and I took shifts. She took the first feeding before she went to the university, and I took over when she left. When she came back from school we both shared the tasks. Eighter she walked the dog, and I fed Mini, or I walked the dog and she fed the Mini. It was, and still is, a full time job for us both.

    It took a while, but after a week placed in a box under a heating lamp, feeding formula every 1-2 hours, we got hoped that he was out of immediat danger. He gained only 1 g a day at this time, but he was not as weak anymore.
    When he was 9 days, we discovered that he had "splented legs", and treated that with a rubber band and a piece of straw, and he started walking.

    At the end of the second week of handfeeding, mother started feeding him again. He grew stronger, but this time Baby didn't get enough food, and stopped gaining weight. And that's when I started this tread.

    Now we still feed every 2-3 hours, but now it is more of a supplementation, and it seems to be going very well.
    With our help mother manage to feed them both, not quite enough, but nearly.
    Baby eats mostly from her mother, but also a little formula, and a little by her self, gaining weight, is exploring, playing, screaming at her father when he screams at her. She is getting ready to fly, seeking human contact, and is a cutie.
    Mini gets a lot of food from his mother, and some additional formula from us. He is still heavily underweight, but he is growing bigger and stronger every day. I guess he always will be a small bird, and he will probably never be able to climb, sit on a perch or a finger, due to no grip in his feet, but he can have a good life despite this handicap.
    We can build ramps and platforms where he can walk and play. Hopefully he will be able to fly, but time will show. If he can't fly, we will overcome that obstacle too.

    But it has not been only stress and worrying, it has been a lot of good moments too.
    The moments when I was feeding Mini with a syringe, and Baby crawled on top of my hand trying to get some, because she was hungry too. Then mother came, feeding Baby just a few cm from my hand. There we were, two mothers feeding two hungry children side by side.
    The first time this happened I got tears in my eyes of the trust the mother showed me just then.

    And yesterday when I fed Baby a little formula, and father bird came, sitting on the top of my head, and mother sitting on my shoulder wathing me feeding their baby. A fantastic experience.

    This was a long post, but I felt like sharing some of the experience we've had this last 3,5 weeks. It feels rewarding right now, but I hope we'll never find our self in this stressful position again.
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  2. greys4u

    greys4u Rollerblading along the road Celebirdy of the Month

    :thankyou:for taking such good care of your babies. I can just picture the parents watching you, like 2 pigeons on a wire!!
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  3. joanken1

    joanken1 Sitting on the front steps

    Moreton Wirral
    Real Name:
    Joan Kendrick
    OMG Baby and Mini are adorable, and well done on the job you have done with them both xx
  4. Lillemor

    Lillemor Strolling the yard

    @greys4u @joanken1
    Thank you both for your nice words.

    It's time for a little update.

    It is now 9 days since I startet this tread asking for adwice, and it helped.

    Baby has gained 13 grams in these 9 days, and Mini has gained 36 grams.
    Both are doing very well. :)

    They are both eating som formula, chewing on seeds, boiled egg, millet, and dry egg food. How much they actually ingest of the ssolid foods I'm not sure of, but they like it.
    Sweet potatoe and boiled vegetables is not so interresting yet, so we'll give it a new try next week.
    They are both are still getting some food from mother, but much less now.

    Baby is climbing, and is frustrated that she can't be outside the cage playing with her parents. She is very kind to her baby brother, helping him with those itchy pins, "feeding" him, preening him.

    Thank you all for giving help and support with tips and kind words.
    We appreciate it.
  5. Lillemor

    Lillemor Strolling the yard

    It has been a while since I wrote here. Time flyes.

    Mini and Baby are now nearly teenagers, and they are two funny birds.
    We tried to reintroduce them to their parents a while ago, but after a week we had to separate them again. They are now back in fostercare with me. Exploring the world, screaming to their parents in the apartment below, having the time of their lifes.
    And of course, disrupting me trying to play piano...

  6. Jazzy*

    Jazzy* Rollerblading along the road BINGO CHAMPION

    Real Name:
    I just read your thread here way to go caring\handfeeding the babies adorable pics! they look very happy chilling on the keys lol

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