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What's it like living with a flying macaw?


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Thank you! We're on the same page.

@Zara calls it, "creepy whalesong", but I much prefer your description. :)
Lol the little guys make creepy whalesong, the big boys defo make Dino / dragon noise!! I'd never heard them in slow mo until I saw your video the other week :)


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My favorite macaw flying venture was when I was volunteering at the clinic. It was cleaning party weekend. There were 2 staircases to the veterinarians offices on second floor. And the clients would have never know the staircases were there. The main staircase was behind a set of double doors that were to remain closed during business hours. They were very cool looking shallow bookshelves that held fake books. You had to know where the latch was to open them. The back staircase was a spiral set of steps very tight and not my favorite place to walk up. (I have fear of open staircases)
Any ways it was a cleaning party and all those who had birds brought their fids to work. My chore list included dusting & vacuuming the offices upstairs. I went up hidden front staircase with my dusting and washing windows gear. The vacuum is already up there. I completed the dusting and wiping all the door knobs. I got the vacuum out plugged in. I heard swoosh thru the air and turn around just in time to have Dr. Barb's Green Wing Macaw Charlie land on front of my shirt. THUMP. Charlie loved the vacuum cleaner but how the heck did you get up here. I know I close the hidden staircase. Well Charlie came up the spiral hand rail until she was clear of the first 6 steps the flew the rest of the way. I was like ok, gorgeous, let me tell somebody downstairs that you are with me and you can ride the royal red vacuum until I'm done. I miss working with those big beakers so much.