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How To: Understand Titles and Banners Under Names and Avatars

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There are a lot of different things happening under some people's names! Here are some of the most common ones you may see!

Post banner.jpg

Post Counter Subtitle

This is the default title under a name. It changes based on your post count.


Another you may see is Hit the Road. This means this member is no longer able to participate in the forum.

If you see a member with 1,000,000 posts, this means they have passed away. It is our way of showing that we loved them, miss them, and honor their contributions to our community.

Custom Subtitles

You may also see some custom subtitles. Vendors and staff may have custom subtitles, and some members have been given fun subtitles by staff for one reason or another. These will override their post count generated subtitle.

Post banner 2.jpg staff banner.jpg


What about those colorful banners? Some of these are given as rewards, some are tied to events, and others are to show different things like staff, vendor, or a helpful person. Here are some of the ones you may see:

Moderator/Super Moderator: A staff member with basic capabilities such as editing or deleting posts

Admin: Highest staff member. Has abilities to assist with back end requests.

Avian Veteran: Someone who has been part of the Avenue for 5 or more years.

Vendor: This member is also one of our forum vendors. Vendors have to be approved and stay in good standing in order to be allowed to sell here.

Celebirdy of the Month: This member has had a bird featured in Celebirdy of the Month.

Mayor of the Avenue: This member has been recognized as a caring, valuable member of the community by staff.

Avenue Spotlight Award: This is awarded by forum members as recognition for being a kind and helpful Roadie. The last winner gets to choose the next winner.

Avenue Concierge: This member knows their way around the forum and can be helpful answering questions about the forum!

Tailgating: This member is having fun, knocking, and participating in Pre-Sidewalk Sale (SWS) festivities!

I Can't Stop Posting! / Postaholic: This member was on a posting spree the last time they logged in!
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