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Tips for restraining a budgie to take medication (or other medications)


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My budgie needs to take anti-inflammatories and antibiotic for a week. It is 0.02mL by mouth each 2x a day, however I am finding it incredibly hard to restrain her because she moves around so much and I can't keep her still. I'm currently keeping her and her friend in their travel cage for this week to make it easier to catch Stormy. I'm using a kitchen towel to catch her.
I've watched a bunch of YouTube videos and its not seeming to help, I really need her to take this.
I got her to take a dose of clear anti-inflammatory on a piece of millet, but I couldn't do it with the antibiotic because it isn't clear and looked to much like medication unfortunately.
Any tips?


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My lovebirds are tame, but I always towel to administer meds, I find it easier. Once you have the bird in the towel it´s important to get a good grip, with the birds back in your palm. Use your thumb to hold the head in place and stop them moving. As you move in with the syringe using your right hand, the bird will try to turn their head away but your thumb is there and they can´t move. (In reverse if you are left handed).
I hope that helps?