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Static sounds


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Heya, first time poster here… not sure if this is the right category to post in.

I’m a bit worried about my baby cockatiel and just wanting a bit of advice.

I recently got a hand raised cockatiel 2 weeks ago at 8weeks old. The breeder said that she was weaned and not asking for formula. A few days after getting her she regressed and started the static sounds and head bopping when I’d get close. I asked the breeder and he suggested to offer feedings once a day at night.

I felt sorry for her and I went back to hand feedings twice a day while she was still eating millet, greens, seeds and soaked pallets during the day. about a week after getting her she began to reject the formula but is still making the static sound when I approach her, not as loud as she did before.

She is deff eating, her crop is full and emptied by the morning, her droppings looks normal and her weight seems to be within the normal weight range for a tiel of that age (I weight her every morning)

should I be worried? Or is this just attention seeking behaviour, and something she will grow out of?

thanks :)


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Hello Zak,

The main thing isshe is eating and her crop is digesting the foods.

You can try holding her, she could just be seeking comfort. Let her snuggle in the nook near your neck. Or simply hold a cupped hand hel sideways to one side of her, see if she wants to snuggle into it (this will ensure she has choice should she not want to she can move away).

Try offering some toys, show her how to play, show her how to forage. Keep her busy when she is awake.

This is a good page to have a read of and save for reference;


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No, you should not be worried. I had that same experience. As long as he/she is eating and pooping,it will quickly get over the static. However, i did things such as Zara suggested.