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Southern Califorina/North OC bird owners


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If you ever wanted to try the food offered at ORGANIC BIRD FOOD | FREEZE DRIED CHOP and live in Southern California (North OC or Long Beach area), my birds were not fans so I'm selling what I bought locally since I can't return the food. I received these from the company last week, size and ingredient info on their site. Feel free to ask me any questions!

2 unopened bags of Dirty Birdie Detox ($30 each)
1 unopened bag of Better Feathers ($30)
1 unopened bag African Grey ($22)
1 opened bag Dirty Birdie Detox
1 opened bag Eclectus
Opened bags will be priced if there is interest

Longer explanation so I don't sound like I'm just scamming: I bit the bullet and placed an order with ORGANIC BIRD FOOD | FREEZE DRIED CHOP because the food looks phenomenal. I ordered their "Feather destroyer's" program which requires you to buy 3 pounds of their Dirty Birdie Detox food and a bag of their Better Feathers. I ordered their Eclectus mix which was recommended for my caique and a bag of their African Grey food for my Grey, which I was planning to put on the Feather Destroyer's program. Welllllll.....in the two months they took to ship, my pet grey (no male around) laid her first clutch of eggs and is NOT liking the food. Because of the egg situation, I'm not going to bother with a transition at this point. The caique is not impressed either. Local pick up in Yorba Linda, CA only, because I don't want to have anything lost in the mail.


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