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Single female cockatiel laid one egg three days ago


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Last year I posted about my cockatiel that started nesting and she ended up laying two eggs. This year, the same thing happened, but she only laid one egg so far. Compared to last year, she laid an egg every 48 hours and I learned they lay in clutches, even if unfertilized.

I'm aware of egg binding and it's consequences but the symptoms vary and it's difficult to really detect for me. So far, she only laid one egg and was pretty tired the day after but her eating habits hasn't changed. The second day she seemed more active and today she was like she usually is, very active. Her droppings don't seem changed, nor her eating habits. I did gave her some bok choy for extra calcium intake. She did gain weight during nesting, while she was carrying the egg. But afterwards, I can't tell if she's currently carrying a second one. I also looked out for egg binding signs and I just don't see anything excessive, or worrying. While she's more fluffed up these days, I don't see her straining or going to the bottom of the cage (sometimes only to check on her first egg)

I'm pretty worried that she didn't lay another egg when it's been more than 48 hours. Is it possible that this is the only egg in this cycle, or that the second one is still on the way? Are there more things I should look out for and is there a timeframe to when she can lay eggs and when it's safe to say it stopped?
It's the first time that she there's a longer time in between eggs, I tried to explain as much as I can. My apologies for asking too many questions.

I'd love to hear your answers. :)

- Nick

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Sometimes my tiel only lays one egg, so if she seems healthy and doesn’t look like she has an egg that’s bulging but not coming out, I wouldn’t worry about it.