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***READ THIS and Sign PRIOR to Posting Your Bird for Rehoming****


Checking out the neighborhood
Real Name
Jake garner
Before re homing your bird to anyone on Avian Avenue please do your research.

Do a home visit first.
Look their name up on google.
Check out if they have any prior convictions for animal abuse.
Ask for a reference, ask for 3 references.
Are they involved with a bird rescue? Ask for a reference from there.
How long have they been a member on Avian Avenue?

This applies to Craigslist, kijiji, Facebook, anywhere online.

Consider contacting a local reputable rescue to help you prior to posting for help.

Why? We have had animal abusers, bird flippers (take your bird and sell it the next day) and more.

PLEASE do your research, you owe it to your bird. Out of sight out of mind, only for the time being. If you find something out later, you will forever regret your decision. Trust me, it happens.

If you post your bird here, you will be contacted by people looking for a FREE bird. Always charge a rehoming fee, a fair one.

Prior to post approval, please acknowledge you have read this by responding that it has been read.