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Poicephalus - to get or not to get...


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Trying to figure out if I want to get another couple of parrots in the future, and if so which species. I have plenty of very different species on my "wishlist" and I am trying to narrow it down.

First of, I am not at all sure that I will be getting any more birds and secondly, I am talking in the future, not now. I intend to do lots of research to figure out which (if any) species would suit me and my lifestyle before getting any more birds. It took me a good "few" (read: 20 or so) years to feel that I was ready to get parrots and to decide on the species I am currently owned by (I have two caique boys). Hopefully, it will not take quite as long to come to a decision this time, but I'm in no rush.

It's not legal in my country to only have one bird (there are some exceptions, but I believe in giving social animals a friend) so I am looking to get two parrots of the same or similar species that can live together in the same cage. I have one BHC (15 years old) and one WBC (7 years old) both come from people who could/would no longer keep them so if I get any more birds this is the rout I will be taking again. I am not looking to get babies from a breeder.

To make things abundantly clear and to avoid any misunderstandings etc. I will under no circumstances allow my caiques to be anywhere near the other species of parrots. Sure, it would be amazing to be able to have all parrots flying together and so on, but that is not the reality with caiques, and I am fully aware of that fact. My oldest caique attacked an Amazon parrot in a previous home (according to that owner) so there is no way I will risk the other parrots safety (or my caiques for that matter). They will be in separate rooms and be let out at different times etc.

I would love to know more about some poicephalus parrots (specifically Senegals, Meyers and Cape parrots, but I'm open to other suggestions) and what it's like to keep them as pets. Pros and cons of these species, and why did you choose them over other species of parrots? Are these species of parrots "dusty" birds, as in, are they producing feather dust or are they "oil-based" (I have asthma, so I would like to avoid dustier species of parrots)? How are they "loudness-wise" (quiet, on a caique level, or worse, and if so, how much worse)? Anything specific you would have loved to know before getting these species of parrots?

Senegals: I have heard that they can sometimes be difficult to keep together (especially in the same cage); is this true, and does the sex of the birds involved matter? Can you have a same-sex pair, and is it best to get males or females in that case? How about other species of parrots, such as Meyers, for example? Would they get along?

Meyers: I have heard them described as boring, but is this true? How are they when it comes to interest in training, being close to humans, and playfulness?

Cape parrots: I'm not sure if these are available in my country; they at least seem very uncommon, but I would still like to know more about them (and find out if they fit me and my lifestyle) should I come across some in the future.

I am grateful for any information and input. /Animallover_84


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